Cercospora Blight in Atlanta, Georgia

Cercospora Blight | Atlanta, Georgia

needles on crytomeria turning brown and falling off

Cercospora Blight| Signs and Symptoms

The affected foliage turns bronze to light brown color then grayish. Small, fuzzy or hairy spore-bearing structures, easily seen with a hand lens, form on the dead foliage. Eventually the dead foliage and twigs falls off the branch. With time all the inner foliage and twigs are gone, leaving only foliage at the very tips of the branches

Management Strategies

—Several management strategies may be used to control Cercospora needle blight: Do not plant Rocky Mountain juniper and eastern redcedar in areas where the disease is a problem. Maintain wide spacing between trees to promote air circulation and reduce humidity. Protective fungicides labeled for Cercospora control (e.g., Mancozeb and Bordeaux mixture) can be used to protect susceptible trees. Two applications are usually necessary, depending on the type of foliage present (juvenile, spur, or both). For more information please see the USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Protection

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