Leaf Spot in Atlanta, Georgia

Tubakia Leaf Spot | Atlanta, Georgia

red oak tree leaf covered with brown blotches on leaves

Leaf Spot | Signs and Symptoms

Symptoms caused by Tubakia are brown or reddish-brown blotches on the leaves. Premature leaf drop and twig cankers are common if the trees are severely infected. Spots are well-defined on young leaves and enlarge to necrotic blotches on older leaves. Small fungal fruiting bodies can be seen within the lesions

Management Strategies

Determine the stress factors that may be predisposing the oak tree to this fungal pathogen. If possible, correct the conditions to minimize stress on the tree. With newly transplanted trees, ensure proper mulching and fertilization to encourage establishment.

Infected leaves should be collected and destroyed to minimize the spread of the disease. Removal of some branches to increase air movement will also help minimize incidences of tubakia leaf spot. Trees that are severely defoliated by this fungus should be fertilized slightly more than normal to stimulate new growth. Although chemical treatments are not warranted, several broad spectrum fungicides are available for use as a preventative measure. For more information see TAMU factsheet

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