Richmond Tree Experts Atlanta, Georgia

An Arborist treating a tree with micro injections

Tree Care in Atlanta by Richmond Tree Experts' Certified Arborists

The Arborists at Richmond Tree Experts work hard to keep current with the latest in tree care techniques. Accurate diagnosis of a problem in a tree is much like the work of a detective solving a crime. Just as detectives take into account all possible evidence in solving a crime, all the evidence regarding the decline of a tree must be considered. Part of the reason for this is that up to 90% of tree problems are caused by environmental stress (usually man-made). That leaves 10% of problems directly due to insects and disease. Most insects and disease problems are the result of a weak and feeble "immune system" of the tree. The weakness is a result of an environmental stress. Insects and disease are symptoms and not causes of tree decline. One can try and control a tree pest, but the causes of the tree's susceptibly to the pest should be addressed first. One major problem in urban environments, such as Atlanta, is soil compaction. When a trees' "root zone" gets paved over or trampled on by heavy foot traffic, the very sensitive and delicate roots near the surface get crushed, rendering them useless to the tree. Also the "pore space" or air pockets in the soil get crushed. When this happens it doesn't allow proper transpiration or circulation within a tree. These environmental stresses leave the tree susceptible to Pest infestations.

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