Tree Removal in Atlanta

crane being used to remove an oak tree and tree climber removing a tree with no equipment

Richmond Tree Experts has been removing trees in Atlanta since 1985

Richmond Tree Experts have been providing tree removal in Atlanta for 32 years. Trees are removed for a number of reasons. Whatever your reasons are, Richmond Tree Experts can safely and cleanly remove your trees. They specialize in a very clean and very quick process using a compact crane to literally pluck your tree from your yard, place it in the street or other designated landing area, and piece it apart to haul away in minutes. No chippers, very little noise, and extremely fast. Did we mention clean? Most jobs are completed in a few hours from start to finish. There won't even be a sign that the crew was there. Another method of tree removal is the use of a bucket truck. This allows the climber to be in a safe position when making cuts and avoid tying into a dead tree top. This may also be used with a crane to greatly improve safety. The last method of removal is traditional climbing. This method is used when access by bucket truck is not possible. The climbers at Richmond Tree Experts are highly experienced and extremely safe. Rafael "Gill" Flores (pictured above) has been climbing for 30 years! For more information about tree removal or to see which method of tree removal may be best for your property, please call or email one our Tree Experts today.

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Tree Removal Advantages with Richmond Tree Experts

  • Price

    Richmond Tree Experts will match or beat any quote from their competitors. They have been in business longer, and have more experience in removing trees with cranes than any other tree removal company in Atlanta. Richmond Tree Experts has maintained a zero incident record for the past 40 years, and that is no accident!

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  • Quality

    Richmond Tree Experts uses state-of-the-art tree removal and tree pruning equipment to deliver the most efficient tree care in Atlanta. This efficient process includes crane-assisted tree removal as well as tree pruning from a bucket truck or the latest techniques in spike-less tree pruning.

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  • Trust

    Consumer Investigator Dale Cardwell has thoroughly vetted and approved Richmond Tree Experts for tree care in Atlanta, Georgia. Richmond Tree Experts is the first tree service in Atlanta that Dale Cardwell has given this designation to making them the most trusted Tree Service in Atlanta.